Family Business: Behind the TemplateMonster Scenes

The story started a long time ago, when we were a young USA-based web design studio. It was the late 90s, and web design as a concept was just starting.
  • Part I: In the Web 1.0 Far Away
  • Part II: How We Became a Family
  • Part III: From 1 Platform in 2002 to 25 Platforms in 2017
  • The Way of a Template: From an Idea to the Release
  • Final Words
Download e-book for an email
Download e-book for an email

We need your feedback, so imagine that it’s our family meeting, and if you got something to say don’t be silent, spit it out :) If you want us to become better for you, we need to hear your thoughts.

  1. A Healthy Family Business

    No matter how the numbers of the orders changed, we were still a small team, working tightly together and knowing the pros and cons of each other. However, everything changed when we started hiring more people.

  2. The Story of TemplateMonster

    “for the first two weeks, we earned $70 000″

  3. What’s the Story Behind The Name of the Company?

    All great TemplateMonster stories are connected with our workers. The name of our company is no exception…

Our business has grown 30 times in first 3 years
Oksana Preda
Download e-book for an email