Ideas for Living-Room Business that Pay More than a Full-Time Job

Business solutions to get you inspired
  • Pros of being independent
  • 19 ideas for working from home

    See how much each of them pays

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Download e-book for an email

Start working for yourself with our creative business ideas

  1. Choose any job and earn money on your lovely sofa

    Tired of listening to bunches of commands from your boss? In this book there are presented 19 professions for independent and creative people, who don’t like office routine and deadlines.

  2. Actual statistics and additional resources

    Follow the links given in the book and read more about the jobs which are suggested. Get to know how much money you could earn and take a course on your dream profession.

  3. Diversity in the choice

    Whatever you are, an artist or a teacher, you’ll definitely find something to your taste. Just look how easy it is, to do what you like and not to depend on anyone.

Working from home can be more lucrative than a full-time job if you choose the right line of work.
Ann King
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