Storytelling That Doesn’t Suck: How to Tell Your Business Story

Do you run an online business? Do you use the power of content marketing to the fullest? How do you communicate with the audience and bring their attention to your business solutions? Do you present your business story through storytelling? Stories play a significant role in building a stronger connection with clients. Through simple stories, yon get the audience immerse into your brand history, show its value to customers, and simply entertain the reader. As you could have already guessed, in our new free eBook we investigate the power of storytelling for business purposes.

Storytelling VS Content Marketing

How to Tell a Story

Storytelling Formulas

Storytelling Nuggets

Treat Your Visitors as Tourists

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Download e-book for an email

When talking about storytelling for business purposes, we do not mean the stories that you hear when walking down the street. Your grandma can be an awesome storyteller, but do her stories bring any leads, conversions or revenue? In this eBook, we will focus on the ways how to make your business story more effective.

  1. Storytelling Formulas

    There is one general rule (or formula) to tell a story. Still, there are specific sets of questions and pillars that indicate that you are moving the right way.

  2. Storytelling Nuggets

    Every story is unique. However, there are some basic structures for telling business stories that work in different business niches. At this point, we will refer to the nuggets complied by Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats.

  3. How to Tell a Story

    Do not begin the story in a chronological order. This is a mistake that many storytellers make.

    Start the story in the middle instead. Too many details put upfront will make your readers feel tired and uninterested. Start with the things that are exciting. Make that AH-HA moment that the entire story is about capture their attention and make them read to the end.

Story is easier to recall than pure facts.
Katherine Crayon
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